Italy and France

Again, possible convention art. Hetalia's Italy and France on Deleter postcard paper.

Not entirely happy with my Italy. I may redo him once I get the rest of the Axis and Allies done.

France turned out decent... And it's amazing what a bit of effort and reference does despite my dislike for drawing flowers.

I was trying to draw Japan next, but I keep failing on poses. Maybe I'll skip to England or Russia instead, then come back to him.

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Hmm...yeah, Italy seems off somehow, even compared with France. Haha, I'm not sure I'd personally pick a pizza slice for him, but he does eat it...o.o

As for France, much love on this one, Jam. ^^

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My students love this series but I havent seen it yet. What is it? Similar to Ouren High School Host Club?


Hetalia is a sort of parody webcomic/anime series in which different countries are personified (or "moe anthropomorphized") into a human character. The main storyline is based around WW2, so there's the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) versus the Allied nations (United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia and France). The relationships between the characters are based (loosely) on relations between countries (i.e. England (UK) raised America, but then America broke away, leaving England bitter (and apparently "tsundare")).

It's a lose take on history (spans random bits before and after WW2 too, including the era of the Holy Roman Empire), so it's a bit spotty and leaves out big tragedies, rather than paint a whole country as evil because of something its government did. World leaders are the countries' "bosses".

With the stereotypes it could be offensive, so it's best not taken seriously. Also, most of the cast is male, so there's a lot of boy love pairings in the fandom, and a few implied in the series (mostly Germany/Italy as far as the series goes).

Italy - the title character, a useless idiot who loves pasta, flirting with girls, and is always ready to run away or surrender to the enemy. Cannot eat England's cooking. Likes being with Germany.

Germany - The leader of the Axis Powers, very by-the-book and serious, sort of a drill sergeant, but somehow manages to get along with Italy. Likes beer and sausages.

Japan - Very polite, more reserved member of the Axis. Loves salty fish. Is also good at making small scale models and promotes the love of 2D characters. Was raised by China, but broke away and became a hikkikomori (until America forced his doors open).

America - Loud, nosy and claims himself as the Hero whenever he can. Self-proclaimed leader of the Allies. Loves hamburgers about as much as Italy loves pasta; seems to be the only one who can eat England's food. Scared of ghosts, but always watches horror films.

UK - (represented by England) Points out America's idiotic plans whenever he can. Talks tough, but is sweet on the inside. He has an interest in magic, cursing enemies, and can see unicorns, fairies, etc, though no one else can (he can even see spirits in Japan). Likes cooking, but makes terrible food.

I don't feel like typing more... I gotta run some errands anyways. XD; Check out and for more info.

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wow! thats great thnx. i will do my research!

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Those roses are lookin' good! References really are a help with flowers...

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