Yay America!

Here's a quick chibi I did on postcard paper of America. He likes FAST FOOD because all of us Americans are complete gluttons.


Anyway, will probably touch that up and color it for con use. Now if I'd just concentrate, I could do a bunch of these! Except I've only got 24 sheets of postcard paper left. I hope that's enough. =x=;;

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That's so cute!! You really have Himaruya's style down!! :3 I think it'll be popular!

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Aww, America!!! XD Not to sound patriotic or anything, but I think he's my favorite of the characters. Still, Germany, Italy, and Austria are also favorites. X3

And yay fast food, lol. XD The guy eats so many of them, yet goes around playing hero enough to drop the fat. Usually. XD

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