Yo! It's him again.

It's P.G. again. Trying to play around with my style some.


On a different note, recently got into a small discussion on the definition of the slang use of "moe", which apparently is 萌え (budding) and not 燃え (burning) like I had first learned. I was trying to translate a line in a manga that just said 萌えます and someone said she would help, but all she told me was... it means budding, which... I could figure that out myself. A character stating 萌えます while looking at two other characters he thinks look good together, translating it literally as "budding" is not going to work in English. Hooow do I translate this? Augh, slang. /random rant

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Hn. What's the rest of the dialogue for the scene/what are the characters like speechwise?

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PAKU~ :3 I loves it.

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I really like this one a lot. It keeps surprising me every time I see it.

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