Max Jenius

Long hiatus again, sorry. I've been busy and distracted. I think this is the first time I've drawn in a whole week! That's just sad.

Anyways, I owe a friend of mine a Macross fanart, so here's a little quick drawing to thank him for his patience.


It's Maximilian Jenius from Macross. I've never seen Macross, but I like his design!


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Awesome retro glasses. :3 XD I like his design too!

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Aww, Max <3 He looks so happy!
I've been wanting to draw some Macross fanart lately :o

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Very nice indeed. I'm in no hurry for anything so I don't mind anyone being slow, lol. Pre-lim looks great though. The only explanation for the retro glasses I can think of it the fact that the show came out in 1982 (despite taking place in 2009).

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ah, i was wondering where you had gone.
kept checking your blog and nothing new was posted D: !!

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