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I'm supposed to be LEAVING the store at 15 minutes after close. Customers can be really frustrating something. And yes, they stayed 15 minutes after close trying to get a free toilet seat. I wish we could just kick people out sometimes.

Yes, I have a Fruits Basket Shigure hat that I wear because it covers my ears and it's cold at work. I am a nerd.


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Ugh, people suck. x.x; And will do what they can to get something for nothing. DX Well, at least it was just 15 after and not 20+ ^^;

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HAHA NERD. ok... I think it's a cute comic. :3 I hate people like that. acting innocent. THE LIGHTS ARE FUCKING OFF ALREADY! GTFO of the store.
whee. thanks for sharing~


Because they stayed so late, I got stuck at the store during lockdown, so I didn't get out till like 7:40pm. D:

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lololol just for a toilet seat :3

hey at least you have a spiffy hat to wear :D
its fricken hot here.. i want to wear hats and scarves but mgaawd, teh sweating @D@

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man..... i love your all your arts and drwaings. where did you learn it from?

@ Chanel

Thank you. I've always been drawing, but I've also taken numerous art classes too, which help a lot.

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hi hiiii ~
thank gosh fc2 lets you comment without signing up *u* ~
my url changed though, i moved to tumblr but i'm still visiting you :3

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