Emu on Duty

Watching truTV makes me want to work on my police characters for Tag, so here's some Emu. I love Emu. :3 In Tag he's an undercover cop, but for RP and amusement purposes, he's become a regular patrol officer.


It amazes me some of the stuff that cops have to deal with. Like this true line I heard in an episode of "Speeders" today:


Good luck, Emu. You need it.


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He looks good in that uniform. XDD Oh what's that one show... my dad watches it. The people that take care of parking meters. They get weird situations too. XD

As for that second picture...yeah. Good luck, Emu. XDD *loves his expression though*

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I like the uniform shoulders :D.

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really cute!! Poor Emu! He needs more respect! D: respect the Emu!

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