Reworking an old setting concept for Stranded Tiger. The main character works in a book store, so this is just a general view. I'd REALLY like to do a layout of the building, since I had one drafting class, I think I could at least fake something useful.

This really seems like a used book store... honestly a lot of it seems inspired from the old library my mom used to work at. I really wanted to put in a spinning paperback rack, but it would've been too cramped. I like the shelves at the right with the slanted magazine shelves at the bottom. I saw an apartment with those built into the wall while apartment hunting for college. It would've been cool to have those.

I tried adding in ceiling tiles, but being freehand they looked too crappy.


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I really love the work that you put into this one. I can tell there's a lot of thought in it. It's wonderful. And I really want to work with you to get more awesome layouts done. :3

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aaah archietecture, how i've avoided drawing it for years @D@

i loik it, has a great bookshop feel c:

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