San Japan Mascots

The San Japan convention in San Antonio is looking for fanart for publicity stuff, so Sammich and I are thinking of submitting something. Sammich is gonna work on their human mascot, Sana. I decided I'd do something with their animal mascots. These are just my sketches to get a feel for the characters.


Click for fullsize.

I think they're pretty cute! I wish my state had armadillos.

Sorry for no update yesterday. I was really really tired after work.


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they are cute! Armadillos are cute! You are totally missing out! D: (I've only seen an armadillo IRL like once. XD) You do cute poses! :D

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Omg, they're sooooo cute! *huggles all of the animal* <3 I love the expression on the bat's face on the very right picture of her.

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