Arvin Collins


Arvin Collins, Lieutenant. Dunno if I'll keep that last name, but I kinda like his first name. His original design from 1997 reminded me of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. (^_^;) This is much better. He looks older too.

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. To make up for it, here's an image of P.G. that I drew on the 10th/11th.



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I like Avrin Collins name. :3 it sounds like a nice name and I like how he looks. Very respectable! Older-man handsome. XD

P.G. is utterly adorable. I love that one. He's so special. Heheh.

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I love his name. X3 Of course...I rather like the name Collins. XD

And yes, you can kinda see Shaggy, but he looks a tad more refined. And hopefully must less of a garbage disposal. XD

P.G. looks great. X3 He seems intrigued by something...or amused.

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