Zan Time!


I said I wanted to draw Zan, so here he is! He's wearing a warm jacket for winter, because it's been snowing here. It needs to stop.

I like Zan. I came across him in Zoids Legacy and he's just so goofy and loves food way too much. Thus far he's my favorite character from any of the Zoids video games. Of course it probably helps that he's in the only English Zoids game I have.


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He's very cute!! I love his expression. :3 You work well!

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Ah, Zan. He is so goofy. X3 And doesn't get much art. Poor guy. He looks great here!

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Zan is made of awesome and needs more fans like woah.

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ahhh, i like it! I wish i could do something like this!
(I must practice more on my drawings)

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