December 21st and 22nd

December 21st was an ornament with holly. Schala mentioned Auszug, an old Zoids OC of mine, so I drew him along with her Zoids OC Amalthea.


They look pretty sweet together decorating a tree.

Today's theme was... a winter boot. Huh? Sammich suggested her character Auberon.


He's a cutie. I want some boots like that to keep my feet warm!


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Aww, Mal looks overjoyed! She's so child-like. XD And Jim just watches on happily. So cute. X3

D= I want boots like Auberon. My feet are cold. T_T But yesh...I'd say something about that picture scene...and that he's not happy about something. Either the boots, or something's going on to where he has to pull them on to check it out. X3

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Auberon is so cuuute. :3 Am I allowed to say it? I shall!

I also like the pic of Amalthea and Auszug, even though they are nerds. NEEERDDDS!!! XD They look cute.

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Very very cute!

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