December 17th and 18th

Okay, I could NOT figure out what the chocolate for the 17th was. It was like... a couple balls and bumpy things. So I made this up...


They became gumdrops. Hazel seems to think they're tasty!

Today's was a nice easy wreath with Ian and Georgia.


Decorating is fun!


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Georgia and Ian are so damn cute~! ;_; I love them! It's cute 'cause like Ian was all bland and then he met Georgia... and they are bland together! :3

Hazel and the gingerbread house is very cute! Nice imaginative way to use that weird chocolate thing. XD

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Gingerbread house....<3 I wanna make one of those. D= But...I don't know where we'd put it. XD

Awww, Ian and Georgia look so cute together! X3 It looks so fun. D=

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Yours is cute, though XD.

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eeh so cute ~ i wish i had time to do some quick daily scribbles *u*
/ slaves away on gifts *A*
huuu, christmas is coming up so fast!

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