December 11th and 12th

The chocolate for December 11th was a candle with holly on it. For some reason Sammich's character Christof came to mind.


Yay for angels!

Today's chocolate was a drum, so here's my character Ripley, who is... a drummer.


Convenience is nice.


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Christof is way cute. i love how you drew him. Your coloring skills are so nice~ Soft!
I like how you drew that other guy. :3 He looks so peaceful. He's really enjoying himself. Awesome work! :D

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Christof looks so happy to have that candle! Must be a special part of christmas for him. X3

And Ripley...he looks so cool and confident. X3 He knows what he's doing!

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Who wouldn't be happy to have a candle? It's fire!

(Unless it were dripping wax on your hand D:. Good thing he's got that holder.)

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