December 9th and 10th

December 9th was a gift box, so here's Lieutenant Yamamoto from "Irresponsible Captain Tylor" hopelessly trying to wrap a gift.


He's not very good at it... and I'm not very good at drawing Yamamoto... (^_^;)

Today's Advent chocolate had a snow covered cabin by a pine tree.


I should've spent more time on it. Van and Fiona seem pleased though.


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Yay! Yamamoto-kun! I like him so much! <3

Also, Fine and Ban are so very amusing. XD They look adorable. Seig looks a bit unhappy.

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Aww, he's really trying hard though! *gives points for that* I must wonder who its for. X3

Van and Fiona look soooo happy! X3 ...Poor Zeke. He looks disappointed that there isn't any butterflies.

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