December 5th and 6th

Got a bit behind, so here's today and yesterday.

For December 5th, the Advent Calendar gave me a squirrel... I couldn't think of any squirrel things, so instead here's an alien rodent thing helping Tag's Galaxy Police decorate their tree.


Emu doesn't seem impressed. The critter's owner is though. They need names. Help?

For today I got a bell. I also noticed on my pocket calendar that today is the creation date for my character Joel. So here's Joel with a bell, all dressed for winter.


Sorry it's kinda shoddy.


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cuuute! The little rat-cat thing is cute. :3 I'll call it a CRAT. anyway, I love Joel. :3 He's so joely. :x awesome work!

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Joel - I love the color and fair amount of detail. X3 Makes me think of "every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings"

Galaxy Police - Emu's like " the 'cuddly' creature can put something high up on the tree. Big deal." XD I love the perspective of the tree though. o.o

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I like alien-rodent and glasses guy. I'm no good at naming anyone, though I do have a character named Gregg who hates his name. You could steal it from him XD.

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I love the critter helping decorate the tree. Nice angle too. X3 This reminds me of that old Donald and Chip and Dale cartoon. Where the chipmunks are in the tree and I think Donald is trying to get them out. Very nice sketches. <3 X3 Joel looks sweet with the bell.

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