I am so tired, but I wanted to post a little about Mizuumi-con, which was today, and also the reason why I hadn't updated here for a while.

We had a good time and made some good sales! Also, we lucked out and won the program design contest! Remember this sketch? Sam colored it in!

The finished program came out like this:


So we made a lot of items to sell. Here's a few I helped work on...
Buttons! We only sell these for $1, but we sell a lot of them. We actually sold out of our Hetalia ones;;


Laminated keychains! Last year we only had Italy and Romano, so this year we made a few more characters. We sold out of these too!


Shrinky-dink Keyrings. Something new we were trying this year. I made these ones. We sold all of them except for the Romano cat (which is just as well, since Sam really wanted him). I wanted to make more of these, but they were done really at the last minute.


A Spain + Romano Doujinshi! I turned my pen comic into a doujin of sorts. I reworked a page and added a couple new things so it's not exactly the same as what I have on deviantART. I made 10 and sold... 7 I think. Which isn't bad. The only bad thing was I forgot to include my deviantART URL in the book. Augh!


Amazingly, one girl, saxitlurg, liked it so much that she came back later in the day to give me a fanart for it! I was so touched! ;A; It's so beautiful!


I also got to make a few small commissions too. Forgive the quality of the first two. They turned the lights off for a while because it was so hot in the building, so there wasn't good lighting for my camera.

A Poland/Lithuania keychain~ They're so amusing XD


A postcard of an attendee's original character. She's pretty cute.


Greece and Turkey keychain~ The guy I drew this for apparently was Greek, and he liked it so much that he told me "thank you" in Greek! I was pretty baffled, but Greek sounds really cool!


Anyway, I had a good time and we made good money. Sam and I want to put some of it towards a laser printer so it's easier to make prints next time. @A@

I'm exhausted and I have to work tomorrow, so I better get some rest now;; Tomorrow we've gotta clean up the messes we made from making all these things!


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