I was thinking about how I should get back to studying Japanese again,
because I am forgetting things now.
I was looking back at my notes from the one class I took, and I found this little doodle:


It's not very good, but I still laugh a little.

I really need to start a word journal.

I can now recognize the kanji 大変.
It was used in this comic.
I should teach myself how to write it.


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LOLOL Spain and France comment XD

btw is it the same Jammerlea in Livejournal?? the one who had the hetalia archive??

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Yes, you're correct. That is me. ^^; I tend to use the same name everywhere.

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Aah that's why I thought I had seen the name in other place XD
btw your doodle is cute, so much I'm drooling >////<

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