Sammich showed me a sketch of her Fuzors original character Theta, and I thought the outfit was really cute, so I wanted to draw her. Plus we were discussing drawing females, so yeah... study in a way.

She must be on a date!

Note the trademark strawberry soda. Haldo would be proud.


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I want to believe she drinks pink lemonade a lot. Like it's her favorite. So much so that she doesn't know lemonade is naturally yellow. XD I dunno. She's a little dense, but so is Sigma. They're perfect for each other. Sigma x Theta FOREVER!! :B
This is a super cute drawing~ I love her expression and pose. Thanks for thinking the skirt is cute. It's a style that is popular at work. XD

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Aww, she's so adorable! She looks like she was waiting around for Sigma and he just arrived. And so she got up to give him that look. X3 I'd like to see some art of them together!

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