My Birthday

To make up for not having a picture to post tomorrow, here are photos from today. We went to the zoo!

Beware of Turtles

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Hetalia 30 Day Meme - Day 08

Day 08. Character you look like the most.


I don't look like anyone. ;w;

I might be late on posting tomorrow. Today's my birthday, so I'm going to be out most of the day and I'm out of my buffer.

Hetalia 30 Day Meme - Day 07

Day 07. Character you have most in common with.


Going personality-wise, I'm going to say I'm like a mix between Romano and Canada. Like Romano I'm pretty stubborn and bad about how I express my feelings, but am also loyal to those I'm close to.

Like Canada I'm kind of shy, softspoken and rather non-confrontational (also good at sneaking up on people without being noticed), and I'm easily distracted by cute things.

I hope that works!

Hetalia 30 Day Meme - Day 06

Day 06. Character who would probably be your rival.


Mr. Newspaper! Since I'm usually trying to keep up on the latest Hetalia news for my site, he seems like a fitting rival.

I think I want his hat...

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Hetalia 30 Day Meme - Day 05

Also to note, I managed to get us a table for the San Japan convention in August. I was so nervous! And within good reason, since the tables sold out in under 3 minutes. Yikes!

Day 05. Character you’d like as your child.


Wy, because she's cute, smart and artistic. I love all the artistic micronations that popped up, but I like Wy's character the most. She's a little standoffish, but knowing who her colleagues are, I can't blame her. Anyway, she'd be fun to have as a kid. We could do all sorts of artistic projects and outings together! I'd love that!

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Hetalia 30 Day Meme - Day 04

I'm kind of posting this early, but I'm going to be out all day, so...

04. Character you’d like to go shopping with.


It has to be Japan! Who else would know the best spots to get all the awesome anime and manga goodies that I'd enjoy? ...mind you I'd probably end up broke if I went with him though! (But I'd enjoy every moment of it!)

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Hetalia 30 Day Meme - Day 03

Day 03. Character you’d date.


Spain! Is there any doubt I'd chose him? He's just so cute, cheerful and passionate. A little pathetic and dense at times, but that makes him endearing.

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Hetalia 30 Day Meme - Day 02

Day 02. Your least favourite character.


This was hard, because there aren't any characters that I dislike. I went with Greece and Liechtenstein though because I personally don't find them that interesting. But they're still cute. Not much else to say on this. ;w;

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Hetalia 30 Day Meme - Day 01

I had tried this once before, but didn't get too far. I thought I'd give it another shot.

Day 01: Your favourite character.


Spain is my favorite Hetalia character. He's goofy and rather dense sometimes, but he's very cute. I enjoy his cheerful nature.

Second would be Romano, who is not cheerful at all, but he's still adorable in his own way.

I love these two together because of their dynamics. They rekindled my love for turtles, but unfortunately they have not made me any more fond of tomatoes.

I'm not very insightful with my descriptions, sorry;;

Following them on my favorite character list is Sealand and Hong Kong.

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Not sleepy...


I'm not...

Gaia Easter

This is just a silly little thing I'm sharing.
I've been trying to participate in Gaia Online's Easter event.
Basically you go search around the site and collect these multi-colored bunnies called "grunnies", and then you turn them in for items for your avatar to wear.
I have an account for Lovino for fun, so I was searching for the grunnies with him.

I put one of the Easter items on him, which makes him look like he's covered in grunnies.


It was pretty cute, so I decided to do a doodle based on that to use in his signature.


It took longer than I meant because I messed up the layering on accident;;
But he turned out pretty cute, I think!


I am so tired, but I wanted to post a little about Mizuumi-con, which was today, and also the reason why I hadn't updated here for a while.

We had a good time and made some good sales! Also, we lucked out and won the program design contest! Remember this sketch? Sam colored it in!

The finished program came out like this:


So we made a lot of items to sell. Here's a few I helped work on...

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