Computer Woes

My desktop computer died today. I'm using my laptop right now.
The computer randomly turned off and then wouldn't boot up past the BIOS screen.
And it won't recognize the mouse, keyboard or my drawing tablet.
I had just added in new RAM on that computer, so it's a shame that it won't work now.
Thankfully I had just backed up all my files, so I didn't lose too much.

I hope I can get a nice new computer.
As long as I can do art on it without too much trouble, I'll be happy.

Sorry, I don't have anything new to post. Here's a couple old drawings.

This looks really bad now;;;

I'd like to color this someday.

Doodle Doodle



We finished the keychains last night.
I drew them and Sam colored them.
I like doing these commissions. They're fast and fun!


This person wanted Germany/Romano for a friend and Prussia/Romano for herself.
We sell them for $6.

Quick Update

The finished image of the pin design I did for work.
I'll find out on the 20th if it made it to the voting round.
I'm always nervous, because anime style works don't often get much respect.

A keychain commission I'm working on.


A Profile

I made a profile tag for her.
I mailed her off to my parents.


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