A Message on Art Use

Someone recently used one of my artworks from this blog without my permission and posted it on deviantART.
When I asked them nicely to remove it, they insisted they drew it themselves and called me some not-so-nice names.
I just laughed it off and reported it, so the staff removed the picture.

I want to say that normally I don't mind people wanting to use or color my artwork.
But I want people to ask for permission first. It's the polite thing to do.
This sort of thing happens though, so I can't be mad.

Here's an old doodle for something happier!




Just something I felt like doing.
I seem to like Nyotalia more than I originally thought I would.

Fantasy AU 5 Page Preview

He's the first few pages I've done for a little fantasy comic idea that I had with Spain and Romano. It's rather silly. Hopefully I'll continue to work on it.


A Little Message

Sorry for not updating lately. I've been so busy this past week!

Thursday was my birthday. I had a nice time.
My parents sent me these roses. They are amazing!bdayroses.jpg
I'll be sad when they wilt.

I haven't done much drawing. Work has kept me busy and I get fatigued easily. It's very frustrating.

I want to do a comic with Spain and Romano as practice! So I will try to work on that. All I will offer for now is a preview. I hope I can pull through with this...


Some Original Character Stuff

Just a bunch of things that I've sketched while it's slow at work.

Berto as a Pokemon trainer! (Dialogue by Sammich)

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Nyotalia Romana

I did this quick tonight after looking through the Nyotalia tag on Pixiv...

(Click for bigger image.)

I actually posted this on pixiv here.
I'm always nervous about showing my art on Pixiv. I don't think it's very good compared to a lot of the artwork there. I usually end up deleting my work later;;;
I don't have much confidence sometimes.

Lala Nisi

At work today one of my coworkers doodled this:

So I did my own version:
I enjoy doing this sort of thing for fun.
It makes me want to redraw my old characters.

Denmark + Romano WIP

I'm doing this for a friend. I'll probably change a lot, but this is the base sketch.



I wanted to apologize for not updating my blog for so long.
I was going through my admin controls and noticed that I missed a handful of friend requests and some private comments. I'm sorry for not responding.
If you're still interested, please send me a new message and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for visiting my little blog.

Quick Sketches


Berto's going to be a Pokemon Master!

April Fool's Event Art

Sketching at work before it got busy. Ignore the scribbles.

WIP + Sketches

angrytoni.jpg gilbert.jpg
Felt like drawing an angry Spain after the April Fool's event.

Still slowly working at this...

Unfinished Valencia and Marianna.

Revisting an ooold original character.

Strange things happen in RP...