Canada is Chic?

Just some fun with clothing. I don't experiment enough.

I'm so bad at drawing footwear. I need to practice more from real shoes. Like this:

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The Artful England


I've been slacking;;;

So peaceful...


I wish my summer was like this.

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Baby Eater

I've been wanting to make personas for my computers ever since I made one for my external HD, Lyrr. (You can see him: here.) So I did a rough sketch for my main desktop computer Baby Eater.


May not be his final design, his coat needs tweaking, but... Baby Eater, or "Bea", is a HP Pavilion computer and runs on Windows XP. He's about 3 years old. He will have a multiple personality disorder due to having information from 4 different hard drives, not including his own (but it includes Lyrr, Algernon, and two other computers). The symbol on his coat is just a power cord inspired design. The birds are bytes of information. Ignore them.

Why is he named Baby Eater? Because three years ago I thought running "Baby Eating" through the Slogan Generator was hilarious. I am absolutely horrible.

Sad England

Just something I did a couple days ago.

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