APH Denmark and Norway

It's Denmark and Norway this time. I like them a lot, despite them not having appeared in the comics. They have cute designs!
Denmark is holding some Trifolium pratense (red clover) flowers, which apparently is Denmark's national flower. How quaint!

Sorry for all the Hetalia fanart, it's just been so inspiring;;;

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Something Colored Comes This Way

I finished this! And fixed the kotatsu so it's more... convincing. At least, I hope it is;;;


They're discussing movie proposals, or video game proposals. Or both. Whatever. VIDEO GAME MOVIES.

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Was listening to the first Hetalia Drama CD and came across this line and couldn't get the image out of my head...


This is about as deep as my understanding of Japanese gets.

Also, I traced this from a sketch I had done...


I'll color it later.

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Italy and France

Again, possible convention art. Hetalia's Italy and France on Deleter postcard paper.

Not entirely happy with my Italy. I may redo him once I get the rest of the Axis and Allies done.

France turned out decent... And it's amazing what a bit of effort and reference does despite my dislike for drawing flowers.

I was trying to draw Japan next, but I keep failing on poses. Maybe I'll skip to England or Russia instead, then come back to him.

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Just a random girl I drew while sleepily listening to truTV.


How I can watch murder investigations and draw this sappy stuff at the same time is beyond me.

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Yay America!

Here's a quick chibi I did on postcard paper of America. He likes FAST FOOD because all of us Americans are complete gluttons.


Anyway, will probably touch that up and color it for con use. Now if I'd just concentrate, I could do a bunch of these! Except I've only got 24 sheets of postcard paper left. I hope that's enough. =x=;;

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Yo! It's him again.

It's P.G. again. Trying to play around with my style some.


On a different note, recently got into a small discussion on the definition of the slang use of "moe", which apparently is 萌え (budding) and not 燃え (burning) like I had first learned. I was trying to translate a line in a manga that just said 萌えます and someone said she would help, but all she told me was... it means budding, which... I could figure that out myself. A character stating 萌えます while looking at two other characters he thinks look good together, translating it literally as "budding" is not going to work in English. Hooow do I translate this? Augh, slang. /random rant

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North American Twins

Just a quick post as I need to sleep. Work is wearing me out. It's America and Canada from Hetalia~! They're so cute. Just a rough drawing.


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A couple random girl chibis I drew yesterday and today at work. Second one isn't so great as I was basically drawing to stay awake. Morning shifts kill me.

Couldn't resist giving her a cute ahoge.

Sorry about my crummy hiragana from memory.

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Another Chibi Practice

This time it's Sammich's character Gavriel.


I'm so tired from work I got lazy with the pose. I may try to fix his legs later so they're not so weird. His arm holding the pot too...

But the hair is so much love!

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Chibi Practice

Been practicing drawing chibi/super deformed characters, because I find them hard to pull off. I was studying from Hidekaz Himaruya's work because he draws so super cute!

So I drew a young P.G.

I'll color this later, I cleaned up the line art already.

I've got a ways to go, though I sure don't want to copy Himaruya's style, this helps me get a grasp on proportions. Now I've gotta improve on making it look more dimensional and getting a better handle on linewidth and feeling more comfortable drawing chibi-stuff in general. It's a start!

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