A lot's been going on lately, and I keep forgetting to post stuff here. I had been very busy for a while, which of course messes with my online activities. I have been drawing, but I keep forgetting to share stuff here.

So here's a new character I made today for Sammich's angel Agency. His name is Zaviel, and he's a teacher!



He's cute! I'll have to work on developing his character.

Max - Take Two

Full version of Paint Tool Sai! Huzzah! Going over the sketch I botched earlier.


Got Max pretty much sketched out. I need to look up some more refs for his mecha though. I'll do that and then start cleaning up the sketch into decent linework.


Well, I ordered some photo keychain supplies for conventions to do THIS:

(Sorry the lighting is so horrible.)

Custom drawn keychains! I had one done at a con before and then never saw anyone else do them since. I kinda screwed up coloring this one. My mom gave me a bunch of markers that she found at Pastor's and like... they're OLD. Old Prismacolors And some Design Art Marker by Eberhard Faber. The Design brown I used for his hair had like... dye caked onto the tip. Somehow I was able to use a Prisma marker to blend it smoother. It makes me want markers! They're just so expensive...

Also, drew P.G. because he's easy and quick to draw! His name is Paku, but he hates people calling him that, because they usually say it wrong, like my mother saying "Packu". Poor P.G.

Psynard WIP

I got the idea to do this Star Ocean 2 fanart and decided to actually push myself to do something large and decent. So here's just a bit of this WIP.


It's Claude and Rena riding a Psynard. The Psynard is a weird looking beast, but I like it! It has no official art though as I've seen. So I had to reference from its game sprite. This one has cute little babies (which, for some reason, are reminding me of Cyndaquil from Pokemon).


Well, I started the Macross sketch later than I meant to... Thursday I got really sick in the morning, so I didn't really do anything but lay in bed the whole day. Friday I tried to make up for what I wanted to do on Thursday, which didn't include drawing. Saturday I worked and was tired and cranky when I got home. Sunday... same, but I tried to start something.

And then realized I was drawing in an expired version of Paint Tool Sai and couldn't save my layers. FFFFFF... luckily I didn't get very far, so I took a screenshot and will finish it later on my other computer in the paid-for Paint Tool Sai version.

Click for larger view.

In the meantime, have a stupid looking dragon!


Max Jenius

Long hiatus again, sorry. I've been busy and distracted. I think this is the first time I've drawn in a whole week! That's just sad.

Anyways, I owe a friend of mine a Macross fanart, so here's a little quick drawing to thank him for his patience.


It's Maximilian Jenius from Macross. I've never seen Macross, but I like his design!