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I'm supposed to be LEAVING the store at 15 minutes after close. Customers can be really frustrating something. And yes, they stayed 15 minutes after close trying to get a free toilet seat. I wish we could just kick people out sometimes.

Yes, I have a Fruits Basket Shigure hat that I wear because it covers my ears and it's cold at work. I am a nerd.



Just a quick SD drawing of Suzaku. She seems too excited!

I think she needs a different hairstyle. She looks like me.


I wasn't really planning on posting this, but none of my warm up sketches were worth sharing, so...


This is a commission I need to finish up. It's going to be pencil shaded. They're so cute~! Glasses FTW!

I Can Jump


I still felt like drawing Bookish Yamato. Lyrics are from the Orange Range song "Champione" (and Yamato sings those ones himself).

Need to do more full body poses... with better proportions... and better shoes.


Late, because I was watching a movie. This is for the 15th.


Just a little sketch I did after watching an Orange Range video on youtube for their song "Ikenai Taiyo". I thought Yamato looked nice with his hair pulled back. I hate how it looked when it was loose though.

He looks very bookish.



P.G. is excited. He keeps demanding to be drawn. He does this from time to time. I think I've drawn him more than any other original character of mine. Obnoxious brat. I guess I wouldn't have him any other way.

Mr. Belmonte

Just a quick post before sleeping...


This is Mr. Belmonte, the owner of the bookstore for Stranded Tiger. I'm thinking of naming him Victor. He looks rather blah there, but he's a kind man.

So Late!

I humbly apologize for the lack of updates. These last couple weeks have been... rather long. I'm gonna try to start getting back into the swing of things. For now, here are a number of recent sketches I've done, Stranded Tiger and Tag related.


Trying to sketch possible storefront designs for the bookstore in Stranded Tiger. Buildings are hard!


A concept drawing for the first page of Stranded Tiger. It was fun. Sammich's version looks waaaaay better though! It'll look awesome!


A bunch of sketches of P.G. (with an Ashton that snuck in.)


A bunch more sketches of P.G. I was on a role. Included here are some of his old classmates. Emu, Russel and Nicole.


Ian. I think he was jealous that I drew P.G. so much. But I don't have enough time to draw more of Ian right now. I have to follow his lead and sleep now... Later!



Just felt like visiting an old style. Honestly, I rather miss it.

Was working on a layout for that bookstore, but I don't think I'll finish it tonight. Am rather tired.