These Shoes Suck!

Because Schala and I were discussing Horai the other day. Horai is from Michiro Ueyama's Zoids comic. She's actually a Zoid with a human spirit form. She seems like a bit of an airhead, so...


I couldn't help myself.

We Can Help!

I didn't get as much done as I wanted today, but mostly because the power went out. So I just did this quick.


It's Noel and Chisato from the Star Ocean the Second Story game. They don't get much attention, being some of the last characters you meet in the game, and since they never appeared in the manga or anime. They're fun though. I like Noel.

These are based off their Second Story designs, not their designs from Second Evolution. I don't have those.

Happy Birthday, Sammich!

This counts for the 28th, which is when I started it. I'm just... up at 3:30am.


It's a birthday gift for Sammich. A PSP background of my character P.G., since she really likes him. This was done in Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop.

Sorry for no update for the 27th... A close friend of the family died, so I really didn't feel like drawing. I'll try to make up for it later.

I should do more PSP backgrounds!



Reworking an old setting concept for Stranded Tiger. The main character works in a book store, so this is just a general view. I'd REALLY like to do a layout of the building, since I had one drafting class, I think I could at least fake something useful.

This really seems like a used book store... honestly a lot of it seems inspired from the old library my mom used to work at. I really wanted to put in a spinning paperback rack, but it would've been too cramped. I like the shelves at the right with the slanted magazine shelves at the bottom. I saw an apartment with those built into the wall while apartment hunting for college. It would've been cool to have those.

I tried adding in ceiling tiles, but being freehand they looked too crappy.


Sorry for no update yesterday. I had to close last night and then open this morning. I also have to work early tomorrow, so I'm just posting some sketches from work.

I'm technically not supposed to draw at work, but sometimes I sneak in something. Most of what I do ends up being in colored ink, since that's what I have in my apron.


This is Tooru, from the "Iron Soul! Zoids Core Competition" manga. I just got 2 of the 3 volumes for the series and I thought Tooru was pretty cute, so I sketched him today.. The cowboy hat is fun. Pose is a little awkward.


And for extra, here's an unfinished sketch of Ashton Anchors that I drew on the 21st, the day "Star Ocean: Second Evolution" was released.

Mascot Corral

A possible rough for an illustration of the San Japan animal mascots. The theme for this year is "Cowgirl".


Also, here's something extra I drew with them last night. (Let's say this makes up for the day I missed!)


Click images for full views.

San Japan Mascots

The San Japan convention in San Antonio is looking for fanart for publicity stuff, so Sammich and I are thinking of submitting something. Sammich is gonna work on their human mascot, Sana. I decided I'd do something with their animal mascots. These are just my sketches to get a feel for the characters.


Click for fullsize.

I think they're pretty cute! I wish my state had armadillos.

Sorry for no update yesterday. I was really really tired after work.

Edmund Byrd


Last one. This time it's Emu! Looking rather pleased for once. I love his character. I created him on June 5, 2005 in MSPaint. He looks a lot better now. XD First named Emu, a joke from "Emo" (thanks Sammich), I later settled on the name Edmund.

Stacey Unger


This is Stacey. I guess she's gonna be a detective. I had something else planned, but decided against it. She's had a crush on Emu. She also has three weird brothers. She's pretty upbeat, but kinda pushy.

I think I made her back in 2003 or so.


Am pretty tired. So here's a quick comic I drew at like 1am this morning.


Poor Emu. I had to be mean to him.

This is my first decent work using Paint Tool Sai. I think it'll be a great program for me, with how my line work is. However, I definitely need some more practice to get a good handle on the program.

Portraits will resume tomorrow. There are only two left.

Detective Sanchez


Detective Sanchez was created in early 2007 in a paintchat session. He was inspired by some show on truTV or A&E. This didn't turn out as nice as I would've liked. I'll have to practice with him more sometime.

*Edit* I forgot I gave him the first name Benito. He prefers to go by Ben.

A Sergeant


No name for this lady, but she's a sergeant. This is the first time she's ever been fully colored. I made her older than she originally was too.

This is probably going to be my last one from my old 1997 characters. There are a few more, but eh. I'll still do a few more of these portraits for a few newer characters.

The K-9 Unit


This guy is cute. I wanna give him a Korean name. The little shoulder pet there is an alien rodent (these are supposed to be for a sci-fi series afterall). They basically make up a sort of K-9 unit. The rodent is trained to sniff out drugs and whatever. Rats can do this, so why not an alien squirrel-thing?

*Edit* Decided I'll name him Yong Moon.

Hats Are Fun


Finally a female officer. Another one of the characters from 1997, this one used to be a catgirl (whut). We're not touching her name. She needs a new one period. I like her hairstyle.

Officer Nelson


The MST3K fan in me wants to keep this guy's name. Though his first name was Cobalt, I'm not sure if I'll keep that. He looks cute, but unsure of something.

Arvin Collins


Arvin Collins, Lieutenant. Dunno if I'll keep that last name, but I kinda like his first name. His original design from 1997 reminded me of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. (^_^;) This is much better. He looks older too.

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. To make up for it, here's an image of P.G. that I drew on the 10th/11th.


Philip Higgs

Since I'm kinda lost on what to draw, I thought I'd go back to trying to update some old (and I mean old) police characters of mine for background characters for a story of mine.


This is the Captain, Philip Higgs. So he'd be Edmund's (Emu's) boss. He turned out way better than I was expecting. (=x=;)

I look forward to doing more. Most of the characters I haven't touched since 1997. They look... very sad.

My Little Pony, Mine!


My mom got me some My Little Pony books, so I thought I'd draw a pony. Mine's not as use as the ones in the books though. Also it's not any specific pony. Ponies are so cute!

In Profile


Just a profile study. I usually do really simple, stylized profiles. Need some more practice on real life drawing. It's been a while.



Just a sort of concept sketch for what Sammich and I are working on. Nothing more to say on that, but colors are fun!

On Cloud 9

Sammich mentioned her character Mikhail today, so I decided to doodle him, but Abigail wanted in.


It looks like she has something very exciting to tell him. I wonder what it is?

Angels FTW!



Watched "The Cat Returns" last night. So many cute kitties. Natoru is pretty adorable.

It's a fun movie, though its message reads a bit cheesy. It's certainly never slow. Nice lighthearted story by Studio Ghibli. Someday I need to watch their other movie that inspired it.

Warm Wishes


Just something random I did at work on the back of a sign I messed up. All drawn in Sharpie markers, which smell a LOT. Really not that great, but it's been a while since I did a straight drawing without sketching first. (Proving that sketching is a good practice.)

Wanna Read?

Here's a supporting character from a story Sammich and I are going to work on.


His name is Knut (pronounced "k-noot"), and he works at a bookstore.


Just a quickie...

Was inspired by a set of Fu Dogs that Sammich got me.


I forgot to change the outline color, oops.

Gift Art 7 - Aardwulf

Last gift art. This one's for Aardwulf. It's Jamie and Shadow spending some time together, because it's New Years and they can!


I'm not used to drawing Organoids, so I'm happy this looks like Shadow.

No more drawing in red outline! Whoooo!