Sammich showed me a sketch of her Fuzors original character Theta, and I thought the outfit was really cute, so I wanted to draw her. Plus we were discussing drawing females, so yeah... study in a way.

She must be on a date!

Note the trademark strawberry soda. Haldo would be proud.

Back at Home

Well, I'm back from my grandmother's. I didn't have any internet, but I did have my laptop and my tablet, so I did some drawings.

First off, on Wednesday I got a couple new graphic novels. "Ouran High School Host Club" volume 11 and this new one called "Fall in Love Like a Comic". Both were very cute! Since I'm more familiar with Ouran though, I decided to draw this horrible picture of Tamaki Suoh. I just can't draw pretty shoujo. (^^;;)


Since I spent most of my free time playing Zoids Saga DS, my next subject matter was Prince Athle, the main character. For a while, I thought he was gonna be one of those characters who never speaks, because all he said for a while was "..." and "!" I guess he's just kinda soft spoken.


Finally, I drew Sea Panther (minus weapons), because it's cute. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to spend on it, so it's a pretty crappy drawing. Sorry! (^^;;)


Tokyozilla Says...

Tokyozilla says...


Be quiet. I'm sleeping.

Just to note, I'm gonna be gone the next few days for the USA's Thanksgiving holiday. I don't know yet if I'll have internet access or not. If not, I'll still aim to draw something to share when I get back.


Work has just been running me ragged and I haven't been sleeping well, so it's making my work suffer.

I recently started watching the Irresponsible Captain Tylor anime series. It's a pretty cute sci-fi anime series. So here's the main character - the lovable moron of a captain...


I can't quite capture his full dopiness.

What Did I Do?

Again, don't have the time or energy to do what I wanted... full day of work, plus I work early tomorrow... so I wasn't sure what to draw. Plink told me to draw Cardcaptor Sakura in a zoids piloting uniform. I know this isn't what she meant, but this is what happened.


Sorry, I just couldn't get the image of Kero dressed as Fiona out of my mind.


I wanted to do something nice today, but I had neither the time nor energy.

So instead you get Klefaw with a candy bar.


He wants you to unwrap if for him.



I guess it was inevitable that I draw O'Connell sometime. Well, after watching the first two Zoids episodes he's in in Japanese, it seemed as good a time as any to draw him. He has a very pleasant voice in Japanese, which is funny when compared to Zeke/Sieg, since they have the same voice actor. O'Connell also seems a bit more inexperienced with the Japanese dialogue. I don't know what it is... perhaps just the bit with Fiona looking down his gun barrel that was cut out of the English version. "You've never shot this gun before." or whatever.

I was also amused at him calling Van "Van-kun", though I cannot place why.

So yes. O'Connell drawing! No, I don't know what's up with his expression. Perhaps Hermann is trying to offer him more java.

Emu on Duty

Watching truTV makes me want to work on my police characters for Tag, so here's some Emu. I love Emu. :3 In Tag he's an undercover cop, but for RP and amusement purposes, he's become a regular patrol officer.


It amazes me some of the stuff that cops have to deal with. Like this true line I heard in an episode of "Speeders" today:


Good luck, Emu. You need it.

Ciao & Deed

Well, Sammich's portrait of Deed the other day inspired me to draw Ciao and Deed together. Well, her and watching police-ish stuff on truTV. I love that Zoids Fuzors has police. They're pretty fun. Ciao and Deed both have their moments, and I think they make great partners. Also they make a good pairing in my corner of the fandom.

I actually put some time into this one and worked at a larger size. Thumbnail is crummy (so is my cursive writing). Click image for full size.


Fiona in Pink

Fiona's not a favorite character of mine in Zoids Chaotic Century, but I do rather enjoy young Fiona's innocence. It gives her a nice flaw, and I rather miss that in the Guardian Force season.

So here's Fiona, in all her cute pinkness.

Watch out! That innocent face will salt your coffee while you're not looking.

Zan Time!


I said I wanted to draw Zan, so here he is! He's wearing a warm jacket for winter, because it's been snowing here. It needs to stop.

I like Zan. I came across him in Zoids Legacy and he's just so goofy and loves food way too much. Thus far he's my favorite character from any of the Zoids video games. Of course it probably helps that he's in the only English Zoids game I have.

Warm Up


So here's my warm up before I start a project for work. Sammich and I were discussing Zoids Fuzors stuff, so I wanted to draw Sigma. He looks kind of odd here, but then that's an odd expression.

Sammich: whats' that response to?
Sammich: XD
Jammer: I don't know
Jammer: XD
Sammich: XD
Sammich: ok
Jammer: make up a story! O_O
Sammich: lol
Sammich: Helmut and Sandra announce their wedding
Jammer: lmao

I love Fuzors. I'm pretty sure it's surpassed my love for Zoids Chaotic Century. I wish I could find a way to play Zoids Struggle for PS2, because it has Fuzors characters. It even has the PKB! Also it has Zan! I need to draw Zan sometime.

Tag : zoids fuzors sigma


This is my new FC2 Blog! It was inspired by Michiro Ueyama's art blog, since he uses the same service. Though I don't plan on posting anything quite as risky as his. I'm hoping to get myself to draw and share on a more daily basis. For now these will probably be more warm up works for bigger projects, or stuff I did at work.

That's all I can really say for now. I have to leave for work in a bit. So here's a picture of Hazel I just did in openCanvas! Catch you later!


Tag : tag hazel