Just a quick SD drawing of Suzaku. She seems too excited!

I think she needs a different hairstyle. She looks like me.

Mr. Belmonte

Just a quick post before sleeping...


This is Mr. Belmonte, the owner of the bookstore for Stranded Tiger. I'm thinking of naming him Victor. He looks rather blah there, but he's a kind man.

So Late!

I humbly apologize for the lack of updates. These last couple weeks have been... rather long. I'm gonna try to start getting back into the swing of things. For now, here are a number of recent sketches I've done, Stranded Tiger and Tag related.


Trying to sketch possible storefront designs for the bookstore in Stranded Tiger. Buildings are hard!


A concept drawing for the first page of Stranded Tiger. It was fun. Sammich's version looks waaaaay better though! It'll look awesome!


A bunch of sketches of P.G. (with an Ashton that snuck in.)


A bunch more sketches of P.G. I was on a role. Included here are some of his old classmates. Emu, Russel and Nicole.


Ian. I think he was jealous that I drew P.G. so much. But I don't have enough time to draw more of Ian right now. I have to follow his lead and sleep now... Later!



Reworking an old setting concept for Stranded Tiger. The main character works in a book store, so this is just a general view. I'd REALLY like to do a layout of the building, since I had one drafting class, I think I could at least fake something useful.

This really seems like a used book store... honestly a lot of it seems inspired from the old library my mom used to work at. I really wanted to put in a spinning paperback rack, but it would've been too cramped. I like the shelves at the right with the slanted magazine shelves at the bottom. I saw an apartment with those built into the wall while apartment hunting for college. It would've been cool to have those.

I tried adding in ceiling tiles, but being freehand they looked too crappy.



Just a sort of concept sketch for what Sammich and I are working on. Nothing more to say on that, but colors are fun!