These Shoes Suck!

Because Schala and I were discussing Horai the other day. Horai is from Michiro Ueyama's Zoids comic. She's actually a Zoid with a human spirit form. She seems like a bit of an airhead, so...


I couldn't help myself.


Sorry for no update yesterday. I had to close last night and then open this morning. I also have to work early tomorrow, so I'm just posting some sketches from work.

I'm technically not supposed to draw at work, but sometimes I sneak in something. Most of what I do ends up being in colored ink, since that's what I have in my apron.


This is Tooru, from the "Iron Soul! Zoids Core Competition" manga. I just got 2 of the 3 volumes for the series and I thought Tooru was pretty cute, so I sketched him today.. The cowboy hat is fun. Pose is a little awkward.


And for extra, here's an unfinished sketch of Ashton Anchors that I drew on the 21st, the day "Star Ocean: Second Evolution" was released.

Gift Art 7 - Aardwulf

Last gift art. This one's for Aardwulf. It's Jamie and Shadow spending some time together, because it's New Years and they can!


I'm not used to drawing Organoids, so I'm happy this looks like Shadow.

No more drawing in red outline! Whoooo!

Gift Art 6 - Momo

Today's drawing was requested by Momo. It's Hop celebrating New Years!


Amusingly, this is after I asked her to draw Hop for Christmas.

Should've done more with the background, but I'm tired.

Gift Art 5 - Schala

This time it's Rokai for Schala! Probably my last main entry for wintry clothes.


Kinda simple, but Rokai is nice.