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I'm not...

Preview Preview

We're planning on attending Mizuumicon, so I'm going to enter the art contest for this year. This is just a preview. Sam's going to help me color it, since I'm pretty busy.


Her name is Petunia. Hopefully it turns out okay;;

Also I finished a ballpoint pen sketch of Marianna.




Here's a sketch I started today. I'd kind of like to finish it up to have as a portfolio piece.
I got in a turtle, so I'm happy!
Last month we went to see an exhibit about shipwrecks at a museum. I want to see if I can add in some of what I saw.

Jude Revisited


I decided to redraw an old character of mine and this is what happened.
I came up with him while I was still in high school, but I drew mostly anthros then.
I like his human design better, but I'm still not satisfied with how I drew him.
I need to practice more.

Sorry for not updating in a long time. My life has been really busy lately. I should post more doodles.

Doodle Doodle