Hetalia 30 Day Meme (Take 3) - Day 1

I decided to try this again.
Spain and Romano are still my favorites!
I added in Hong Kong because he's also high on my favorites.
There's too many fun characters.

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My Little Pony

I wanted to practice a style for My Little Pony, so here's some doodles based on some of my old MLP toys...


Secret Santa

Tomorrow is the Christmas party for my department at work.
Every year they do a Secret Santa gift exchange where we fill out a form with things we like so we can give each other gifts.
I kind of forgot about the party, so I scrambled to get a gift today. I wanted to do something special, so I ended up making this:

The coworker whose form I received said her hobby was fishing, so I made a fish out of construction paper!
Inside it are her real gifts: an ornament, some candy and a gift card.
This is more effort than I should do on a gift, it took me about 3 hours.
I hope it blows everyone away!

Cell Phone Photos

Finally took a moment to download some photos from my phone.
My phone doesn't take very good quality photos. Sorry.
These are mostly photos of flowers that I took while at work.

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A New Charm!

There are a couple Japanese grocery stores in the city.
The other day we went to one called Minnano to look for konpeito.
They didn't have any konpeito, but I did find a cute turtle strap for my cellphone!


For two years I thought my cell phone didn't have a place to hold a cell phone strap,
but then I discovered it was hiding under the battery cover! I'm pretty happy now!